Animals of the World Bouncer Review


A bouncer is a great tool to have at your disposal when you have a new baby.  You can pop them into the seat and you are free to do the million and one other bits and bobs you need to also take care of.


The Animals of the World Playtime Bouncer is a great example of a bouncer, loaded with plenty of features.

The bouncer has nice graphics, bright colours and seems soft and comfy.  Being a neutral design, it means that if your family should expand (or if you wish to pass it on to friends or family) you have the most flexibility.

The packaging is slightly TARDIS-like, squeezing the bouncer into quite a compact box.  I was very happy with the size of the bouncer once unpacked and assembled.  I’d recommend assembling it away from ‘helpful’ toddlers.

The friendly lion and monkey on the detachable bar are a nice touch, adding a cute dimension to the bouncer.  The Elephant and Hippo which hang below are appealing and colourful.  The music, which plays in short bursts, is actually pretty good.

All in all, it’s just about the best bouncer in the jungle!

Animals of the World Playtime Bouncer is be available from Toys R Us

Review by James Spence

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