Animagic Glamour Pets Ruby The Puppy Review

Ruby is a cute little interactive puppy. She comes with a reversible coat, a tiara (Which isn’t removable), two hair clips and four ribbons. Ruby requires 3 x AAA batteries and is suitable for children aged 3 and over.

The above image is one of the online stock photos. Our Ruby looks like this…

dogThe ribbons aren’t easy for a child to fix into place, and the clips were pretty flimsy. The puppy and her coat and brush passed the toddler test, though. There is an activation button on the back of Ruby’s head which activates her cute bark. (It activates when you brush her fur, or when you press it).

Ruby kisses you when you cover her mouth and tongue area too. (She makes kissing noises). It is pretty cute to see. Ruby’s coat is reversible. She has a checkered side, which is great for daytime, and a shiny Pink side, which is perfect for parties…! The coat is easy to fit both ways.

Ruby’s RRP of £24.99 is a little steep, but she is loveable, and I have definitely got a soft spot for her. I think most girls would happily groom her. She is soft bodied but her tiara and the battery pack in her tummy are a bit rigid. She measures approximately 29 x 26 x 18 cm, so is great for hugging.

I like Ruby and would buy her as a gift.

Animagic Glamour Pets Ruby The Puppy will be available from Toys R Us soon.

Review By MotherGeek

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