Animagic Glamour Pet Ruby Review

It is fair to say that the Animagic Glamour Pet, Ruby, is not the type of toy that we would have bought for Elwood.  So when Toys R Us sent us one for review, I just couldn’t guess how Elwood would react to it.

Elwood, in fairness, did attempt to play with it and liked activating the noises it made.  However, it didn’t hold his attention for long.  i would imagine his reaction would be the same as a lot of one and a half year-old boys.  That said, for the right child, a child who loves hair-do’s and animals I could see how it would appeal.

For me, the  enslaught of pink accessories was a lot to take in, but I know Animagic have other animals in the range which use a wider colour palette and, personally, I think look better.

The accessories and sounds that Ruby make, make it clear that this dog is designed for pampering and grooming.  In many ways it feels like a complete toy as you wouldn’t feel that you would need to go out and buy additional accessories to get the most out of it.  In this sense I think it would make a nice gift.

So, while it clearly isn’t the right toy for Elwood, I do believe there are plenty of children out there who would consider it the right one.

Animagic Glamour Pet Ruby will be available from Toys R Us soon

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