Amazing Spiderman Web Shooting Spiderman Review

Calling all Spiderman fans, gather round and I will let you all into a little secret …….. the BIGGEST Spiderman action figure ever made has been released and…….it shoots webs! Oh yes ladies and gentlemen you can now be the proud owner of 13 inches of head turning, webshooting, noise making Spidey-ness – ok that isn’t a real word!

The Amazing Spiderman Web Shooting Spiderman is a “movie” style Spiderman figure, now I am no Spiderman toy expert … although I know a man who is but more from him later … basically that means that the figure is based on the Spiderman from the films and not the cartoons, think darker costume and bigger pecs!

Elliott has very recently hit the Spiderman phase and although he doesn’t seem to particularly like the cartoons and will not be allowed to watch any of the films for some considerable time he most certainly likes the toys and the costume – three guesses what he has asked his Nan for as a birthday present!

Now here is the time where I have to make a confession – and I should point out that Steve started it and not me – Up until recently Elliott’s Spiderman took the form of a red water flute – yes you did read that correctly. Elliott has a set of water flutes for the bath and the red one was Spiderman, the blue Batman, orange The Flash, green The hulk and yellow Wonder Woman. In case you aren’t sure what a water flute is here “Batman” and “Spiderman”

As much as he liked his “superhero toys” he was certainly a very happy boy when my lovely friend Pauly sent a special gift from Spiderman himself containing some more realistic looking superhero toys.

I think most 4-year-old boys like Spiderman and the Web Shooting Spiderman will certainly impress and it is a rather attractive looking large toy but unfortunately he also comes with a not so attractive RRP of around £35, which is a for an action figure, so is it worthy of such a thing?

Spidermans first test in our house was to get Elliott’s hair cut! – stick with me on this one I know he doesn’t cut hair. Elliott has a major fear of getting his hair cut and so we did a deal, if he got his hair cut he could have an extra special toy – this was not enough to clinched the deal so YouTube was our next port of call and I showed him a video from a toy fair of Spiderman.

Well that was it, off to the hairdressers we went and got through the whole affair without a single tear shed, tantrum thrown just  a slightly stressed out Elliott but a much calmer ordeal than usual

Elliott practically ran home and had the biggest smile on his face when he saw Spiderman in his box!

For the price I would personally have expected batteries to have been included, even if they were rubbish ones as they are charging a premium price for an action figure. The back of the toy was easy enough to remove and 4 AAA batteries were inserted ready for play.

It took a quick demonstration for Elliott to work out the controls for the “webs” – these aren’t at all web like, they are cord string with a plastic stopper on the end but once he had the hang of it off he ran looking for something to shoot at. There is a cardboard target of Lizard included however this was a source of frustration because the card pieces that slot into the main image are so loose that they can’t possibly stay in place unless the standee is standing so every time it was knocked over he would spend 5 minutes trying to get the pieces to stay in place and then call me over to do it for him. In the end he just decided to try to shoot other things.

For a few moments Glenda our goldfish looked worried but the shooting isn’t fast enough to do any damage to anyone or anything in particular and it is a bit hit and miss as to whether it shoots out at all or not and adjustments as to arm height and string length often need to be made to get him going.

The novelty of shooting webs only lasts so long and then Elliott branched into his own methods of  play with the figure – it’s fixed shape makes it a little difficult to stand up but it is rarely still enough for this really to be a problem.

Spiderman has had his strings put to good use in otherways, Sam had a good time pulling him around the room like a toy dog on a string and Elliott has been using them as puppet strings to put on shows, including one in the middle of the meat aisle in Tesco! In fact the strings in themselves are probably the thing Elliott likes the most about this Spiderman figure as he likes to use them to try to “climb” Spiderman up things, sometimes pretending that they can stick and sometimes he uses them to pull Spiderman up.

He is a great size for little hands, a lot of action figures  are very vulnerable at the joints and Spiderman seems to pretty sturdy in general and so far he has taken a battering. I havent had to stress about Sam getting hold of it and giving it a good pull around and investigate so ideal if you have a Spiderman fan with a younger sibling.

Elliott has very much enjoyed playing with Spiderman initially and even insisted on taking him to school. I think the webshooting action is actually an added bonus and he rarely bothers to use it so would have had just as much fun if it hadn’t have had this feature as long as it had still included the “webs”. Since the initial novelty of  Spiderman had a chance to wear off he has remained a regular toy and he is played with at least every couple of days.

I have a friend who has a 5-year-old son who had this toy for his birthday and apparently he LOVES it and its one of his favorite toys playing with it from sun up to sun down so really, like everything, it does vary from child to child.

I do think that this toy is rather expensive for what it is and what he does but there are going to be little boys out there that will love it and get hours and hours of enjoyment from it.

Now for a demo – Here is Elliott, please bear in mind at the time he was still only 3 and he does have a few speech issues. As he gets older I really hope I can get him more actively involved with the blog
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atRjY17oSKs] Now back to my “Spiderman toy expert” – If there is a man who knows his stuff when it comes to Marvel toys its my good friend Pauly from the blog Gifts from The Pirates. At the tender age of 32 he is not only in touch with his inner child but he is jumping around the living room with him dressed as a 6ft Captain America!
I asked him to cast his critical eye over Spiderman and here is what he had to say

After speaking to Alice about this figure I felt disappointed with myself that there was a new Spiderman figure out on the market that i hadn’t seen, so off i went to Toys R Us to have a mooch. Usually when i see something i like the look of i am instantly drawn in by the figure itself but the first thing I did notice was the hefty price tag. Unless you have parents that have a high disposable income this isn’t a pocket-money toy. I can definitely think of a lot of better ways of spending £35 in Toys R Us that would also make my boys a lot happier. Despite this the figure itself is pretty good. its chunky and seems quite hard-wearing which I personally love in a toy especially for younger children so the 4+ on the box is spot on. I would let my younger son play with it as all the parts are contained well but only with me watching. The action figure doesn’t have unnecessary joints in it which is great. It seems that many of the toy companies are over complicating toys by trying to make the movement to realistic which to me just means more small parts. I do like the web shooting action but its a little repetitive, they might as well have just used a pull through string with lock and load trigger much like the old Fisher Price marvel range. This would certainly have helped to drop the price making it i am sure more appealing to children and parents unsure about forking out the asking price. The one major thing that would put me off buying this figure though is that their hasn’t been a villainous counterpart released to compliment the figure which unfortunately happens quite a lot with Spider-man toys, A Quick change Dr Conners/Lizard figure would have been great and more of an interesting target for Spider-man to shoot his web at as the cut out cardboard Lizard just didn’t cut it for me. I would like to own the figure for the sake of owning it but could never justify spending the asking price as it is a real put off”

So that is our Mummy, Not Big Milk Thing report on Web Shooting Spiderman. In conclusion I think it will be a great choice of toy for most little boys I just think it’s just a shame he is so expensive because I think the price lets it down and would be keeping an eye out for a good sale price.

We were sent The Amazing Spiderman Web Shooting Spiderman for review as Toys R Us Green Group Toyologists 2012

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