Amazing Motorized Web Shooting Spider Man Review

At 13 inches tall, the Web-shooting Spider-Man is certainly an impressive figure – big, bold, sturdy looking and VERY inticing for a Spider-Man fan! As a Spider-Man fan, Charlie couldn’t wait to get in the box and ‘test him out’, and at the age of 5 he is the perfect age to give him a run for his money, seeing as Spider-Man is suitable for children aged 4+. As one of the top toys on the  ‘Dream Toys 2012 Christmas List’ and priced at around £30, we were expecting Spider-Man to be truly AMAZING…

The Amazing Web-Shooting Spider Man has poseable legs and arms which means that you can change his position! The plastic he is made from is textured and vividly coloured to form his suit and he is rippling with muscles in all the right places! A REAL superhero!

His Webs shoot from small holes in both of his hands, which are poseable too so you can alter the direction of your aim.. they are kind of like one of those pairs of gloves you wear as a child with a piece of string which runs up your coat arm, over your back and down the other arm, so your gloves don’t get lost! After inserting the 4 AAA batteries Spider-Man needs to work into his back (no technical operation needed, just a phillips head screwdriver!) you operate each side of the web separately and in turn, via 2 buttons on his back – one for the left web and the other for the right. They have to be pressed in turn as the web shoots from one side to the other, and as you press, Spider-Mans head turns from side-to-side too, checking out his target!

In the box you get a cardboard cut out and 2 cardboard stands to make a ‘Baddie target’ to which you can aim Spider-Man’s webs!

So what did Charlie make of him?

Well… in all honesty… not much at all. I think he stayed out of the box for all of 5 minutes, and most of these minutes were filled with frustration!

You see, as enticing as he looks… he actually does very little, and the promise of the webs ‘Shooting’ out of his hands somewhat failed to deliver, as the kind of flopped out when the button was pressed. The webs don’t look like webs – more like stoppers on the end of string. They were not even sticky as I imagined they would be, so Spider Man could sucker onto things! We did get one smile out of Charlie when by some pure miracle the web did hit the target!

And all this is if it worked! The right side button seemed to work with no problem and responded to a ‘normal’ touch – whereas the left side was a nightmare. Even I struggled to press the button and get it to work – Charlie eventually gave up as it was hurting his fingers too much as he was pressing soooooo hard to try and get the web to shoot. He ended up frustrated, grumpy and fed up!

With Spider-Man back in the box, the most we could do to appease Charlie was to suggest that though he didn’t work very well or do very much, he did look nice so would be nice to put on his shelf so he could look at him – not at all what the toy is intended for!

So do we think it’s a 2012 Dream Toy? Erm…. NO!

And would we recommend it? Erm…. NO!

And is it worth the money? Erm….NO!
Charlie unfortunately gave it a 1/10 and a BIG thumbs down! Sorry Spider-Man… maybe you aren’t so amazing after all!
Mummy’s Opinion? He is well built and sturdy – and certainly looks great for a Spider-Man fan, but the lack of what he does is a bit of a let-down… and the functionality isn’t great, especially if my 5 year old can’t make it work!
The AMAZING Web-Shooting Spider-Man, made by Hasbro Toys, is currently on a multi-buy offer atToysRUs at the promotional price of £19.99.

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